“You Won’t Live Long” – Actor- Kanayo O Kanayo Warns Parents Who Receive Expensive Gifts From Their Children Without Questioning How They Got Them

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Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo, has warned parents who receive expensive gifts from their children without questioning how they got them. While speaking at a gathering recently, the actor said such parents will not live long if they continue in such acts. In his words

‘’Your daughter is 20, she doesn’t work and she is using a phone that costs N1.5 m and you start shouting Praise God, my daughter has bought a phone and then she gifts you N100,000 and you fail to ask questions. You wouldn’t live long. That is what is killing a lot of parents. Your son who is not working comes with some money, a car, and you do not ask questions. I am warning you.”

Watch the video Here

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