What Wike Did To Igbos At Ikokwu – Ex-Lawmaker

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A former member of the Rivers State House of Assembly has made serious allegations against former Governor Nyesom Wike, accusing him of appropriating public lands for personal use.

Speaking in an interview on AIT’s Democracy Today, the ex-lawmaker claims that Wike forcibly removed the Igbo community from Ikokwu and converted the land for his own purposes.

The ex-lawmaker, whose identity remains undisclosed in the report, alleged that Wike’s actions were part of a broader pattern of land appropriation during his tenure as governor.

Specifically, he claimed that the former governor targeted the Ikokwu area, a region known for its vibrant Igbo community and bustling commercial activities.

According to the allegations, Wike displaced the Igbo residents, transforming the area into property under his control. 

Furthermore, the ex-lawmaker accused Wike of converting other vital areas within Rivers State for personal projects.

He alleged that the Trans-Amadi Slaughter area and Ogbunabali were also appropriated by Wike.

The ex-lawmaker stated that these areas were earmarked for the governor’s hypercity project, an ambitious urban development initiative.

He said that Wike offered a compensation package totaling N2 billion to compensate the displaced residents. 

The allegations extend beyond mere land appropriation. The ex-lawmaker suggested that these actions by Wike were part of a larger scheme to consolidate power and control valuable urban land, thereby benefiting personally and politically.

He expressed concern over the impact on the local communities, particularly the Igbo population, whom he claims were unfairly targeted and displaced.

In light of these serious allegations, the ex-lawmaker has called on Wike to publicly address the accusations.

He stated his readiness to present evidence supporting his claims, indicating that there is substantial documentation to corroborate his assertions.

The ex-lawmaker said, “Slaughter, popularly known as Trans-Amadi, was converted by the former governor. He’s now using it for hypercity. Ogbunabali—you’ll see hypercity. He trenched it and paid the people N2 billion; it’s not a hyper-city.

“If you go to Ikokwu, he converted it, chased out all the Igbos, and converted Ikokwu land to his personal property as a hyper-city. I want him to come so that I can bring my facts and show them for people to see.”

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