Why Is Automation So Important For B2C Marketing

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Heard of marketing automation? Of what use is marketing automation? Well, marketing automation can really help you in your B2C business, as well as other means too. 

According to expectations, marketing automation can bring about a 12–13% increase in sales and a 14.5% decrease in the cost of marketing for a newbie. Research by Annuitas group has found that brands that use automation to nurture their prospective buyers see an increase of up to 450% in qualified leads. These leads (nurtured) later make up for 47% of their competitors with un-nutured leads. 

Why Should You Use Automation?

Marketing automation can help fine-tune your business by increasing your ROI. Now why is automation important to your business?

  • It Produces High-quality Leads.

Marketing automation helps you know the thoughts of your prospects when they are researching, comparing, and selecting. It explains vividly their behavior when searching online.

It helps you understand what your prospects are searching for and interested in when they visit your blog or site. This can help you improve your marketing campaigns since the software tells you when customers are trying to purchase and compare products. This can gear the kind of mail/message you send to such prospects. This can in turn generate great traffic, leading to the generation of leads that lead to sales for your store.

  • Nurturing Leads

Lead nurturing can be very stressful and time-consuming. Directing a lead through the process if it lands a sale is actually worth the time and the stress. 

However, not all leads lead to sales. In fact, research by Gleanster stated that half of the leads generated by businesses are qualified but not ready to buy instantly.

This applies to a new business. It can be stressful. 50% of your leads may be qualified, but you still have to nurture them. With a small team of personnel managing both creation, marketing, and nurturing, it’s not an easy task, and it can be difficult for you to even nurture half of your leads. That’s where automation comes in. Automation can do that for you!

  • Better Data, Better Decisions

Everyone seems to be talking about “big data” these days, but few firms know how to collect and use it effectively. Marketing automation enables you to adopt big data with ease, collecting important insights at scale and putting them to use right away.

Marketing automation solutions are the most comprehensive solutions for assessing campaigns and anticipating customer behavior on a small business budget since they provide a single platform for dashboarding and analytics, closed-loop reporting, and gathering and storing data.

The ability to build a more thorough profile of your prospects than ever before is one of the numerous advantages of marketing automation software. A/B test marketing assets to find the techniques that work best, and truly understand how.

  • It Ensures That Marketing And Sales Are On The Same Page

It’s no secret that integration between sales and marketing may be a challenge in many companies. But why is that? The work of marketing and sales is becoming increasingly intertwined as technology continues to improve and affect the buying cycle, making efficient collaboration more crucial than ever.

It isn’t always the fault of one or the other when there is a misalignment between the two departments. Outdated processes and structures are to blame. It’s only natural for tensions to arise when marketing and sales use distinct tactics to achieve separate goals. 

Marketing automation, on the other hand, can assist by boosting lead quality, generating revenue, and automating formerly manual activities such as lead assignment and follow-up.


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