Why Is Nigeria The Giant Of Africa

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Nigeria is known as the “Giant of Africa” because of its massive population and economy, and the World Bank classifies it as an emerging market.

It is a growing global power, a regional force in Africa, and a middling power in international affairs.

However, the country has a poor Human Development Index and is still one of the world’s most corrupt countries in the world.

The continent’s most populated country has surpassed South Africa as the continent’s largest economy.

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For the first time, industries such as aviation, telecommunication, and e-commerce were included in Nigeria’s GDP estimates following a long overdue rebasing.

Overnight, the statistical reshuffle increased Nigeria’s GDP by 85 percent, bringing it to $510 billion, making it the world’s 26th largest economy and Africa’s largest.

With a population of almost 200 million people, it is the world’s most populous black nation and the eighth most populous country overall, behind China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Russia.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, with an annual GDP of around $400 billion.

Lagos, Nigeria’s capital, is the world’s sixth largest city, behind Tokyo, Mumbai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and New York City.

She is the only African country featured among the “Next Eleven” countries expected to overtake the United States as the world’s largest in the twenty-first century.

Her economy is the world’s fourth fastest expanding.

With 125 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, Nigeria ranks seventh in the world, behind Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Algeria, and Venezuela.

With a population of almost 35 million people, and home to Africa’s largest university with an educated population.

With a population of almost 50 million people, Nigeria has Africa’s largest and most prosperous middle class.

Nigeria has one of Africa’s top three most powerful armed forces.

Nigeria is the first and only black country in the world to produce vehicles locally rather than importing them. (With special thanks to Innoson!)

Nigeria is the first black nation to launch a satellite into space.

And boasts the world’s fastest-growing construction industry.

Nigeria has played a “fatherly” role in African politics for decades, giving economic assistance and peacekeeping deployments as needed.

Nigerians are Africa’s most traveled population.

Nigeria is, without a doubt, Africa’s giant, despite her big problems.

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