Why We Have Not Known Peace In Africa – Filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu

Nigerian filmmaker Ugezu Ugezu recently expressed his concerns, asserting that the tranquility of Africans has been disturbed since modern women unveiled the mystery of the masquerade. In a thought-provoking Instagram post, Ugezu delved into the cultural implications and historical significance.

According to Ugezu, African ancestors, in their appreciation of women, granted them political powers. However, the masquerade remained the one enigma shielded from women. Ugezu posited that the harmony that once prevailed has been disrupted ever since modern women decided to unravel the secrecy surrounding the masquerade.

In his Instagram post, Ugezu highlighted the historical context, emphasizing that women were esteemed by African ancestors, who entrusted them with political authority. The masquerade, a cultural symbol veiled in mystery, was reserved as the sole secret.


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