How To Promote Your Business Using Angie’s List or TripAdvisor

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The option to connect with consumers of different businesses depending on the selected location makes Angie’s list among the channels in the internet sphere for promoting business. It is a home-related product and service channel that deals with stuff, starting from the plumbing section to the pest control stage. 

There are an estimated 6 million users each month. That simply shows that your business or product can reach a very large number of consumers regarding the home services and products that are based in your particular selected location. It helps you to convert leads based on you appropriate you advertised on the site.

Even though some people claimed that Angie’s List has now changed to Angi. But that is not the fact; we shall be looking forward to the right way to promote your business using Angie’s list. 

Here are the steps on how to promote your business using Angie’s List: –

Business Listing Setup

You should first set up a business list on Angie’s list. It is not a hard or time-consuming task. You can easily do so with just a few clicks. Visit and click on the “List my business” button to choose your business category among all the listed ones. It depends on what service or product you can offer, but don’t forget that it is all around your home entirely.

Immediately after that, the next box is the ZIP code, which will help you choose your location automatically. Most people don’t know or aren’t aware of their particular ZIP code, so use the exact name of the location area you or you’re doing business in to search on Google by writing it in this format: “Alabama ZIP code.” You will see the five or six-digit number. Copy and paste it in the box below the business you chose already. 

After that, proceed forward to fill in the other details, which include your name and phone number. Input your mail address; create a password that can be easily remembered and input too. Tick to agree on terms of service. 

Describe Your Business In Your Profile

After following all the steps in creating and setting up your Angie’s listing account, proceed to input your business description. This is a very strategic stage that needs more attention than others. Describing your business in a good structure and sound format will increase your chances of making your first customer or even an impression, which is also important in your journey. 

In Angie’s listing profile, your description should boldly explain more about your company, brand, or organization. You must explain in a convincing manner why a customer should choose your business instead of others. It should not go against any other company in your category. Don’t ever call or include any company in your description. 

Your years of experience, delivered jobs, and maybe awards you have earned so far can all be included to create more awareness for your company. That is very important to your business because you are just starting your Angie’s List or you opened the account some time ago but didn’t complete the set at the time. –

Add More Business Categories

You should not just live your Angie’s listing profile with a little business category. Instead, add more other categories so that you can be found through others too. It exposes your profiles to more customers that might be interested in your business. 

  • Expand your service area

This strategy of Angie’s listing account might not be available to everyone. If your service location exceeds your particular location within the ZIP code, you can easily click on other areas and choose the ones that your business can surely reach.


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