Aside Facebook, See 3 Powerful Channels You Can Use To Blend Your Business

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The three gigantic platforms were to drive outstanding conversions. Always have it in mind that you can do it. No matter how difficult you see it in the blogging sphere, there are still great chances you can tap into it as either a beginner or an expander. 

As some newbies always thought, setting up a blog and having some little content is just the first and final task to do for them to start deriving traffic to their newly created blog. Nope, it is actually not. The great three ways to market your business will be covered in this article. We’ll talk about how to use them so that you can get more leads and people to see your business.

Blogging is not an open-door and chase game that one might think of applying to the blogging system too. Yeah, that’s how people are. That’s how it’s supposed to be for everyone to be hopeful and have it in mind that he/she would be generating income for living expenses through blogging. 

That is not something you can achieve without a smart approach to doing so. You will be dreaming of traffic and sometimes even checking to see if someone has visited your site. Still, nothing pops, and that triggers you to check your wallets if there is a sale or conversion. Again, nothing shows up. That explains to you that the blog creation and making it live doesn’t mean that you can get traffic, not to mention make a conversion. 

Thousands of blogs go live on the internet daily, but few are able to generate leads in the next few months to a year. Those few were able to achieve and make the potential come true through the right approach. And how can that be done with the right approach? Yeah, we will be discussing the right and great free approaches (methods) to generate traffic, leads, and conversions for your blog. 

Through the discussed methods in this article, you will understand that you must be able to reach the person who needs your content type and also convince him or her to make a conversion.

But before then, why did the blog system remain the best option for building a business?

You might have heard that you don’t need a blog to market your business, which is not really true. 

Apart from generating traffic and leads from your blog, you can also generate income for your great content through social media channels such as Medium, Quora, and others (though the latter may be difficult to achieve).The true future problem with those spaces is that you don’t have control over the content on their site and it can be altered once you breach their law. That’s why the blog remains the best. 

However, this should not deter you from taking advantage of the spaces’ potential. In fact, that is our main concern here. Here are three great platforms to market your business product.-


Medium is the first of the three platforms to market your business, and it is absolutely free. Some people hope the only medium’s benefit is content monetization, just like was discussed earlier. That is not really true. 

Check the Medium feed thoroughly to study and understand which types of articles go viral well and get some idea of them. Create this type of content and publish it on your blog. Copy two to four paragraphs of the content you created, go to the medium, post the paragraph, and include your link in the link section. You can also try that through the comment section of the article you saw before. 


As a blogger, you are supposed to have known about Quora. Go through the Quora feed. You will see uncountable questions. Choose any question you can answer that is either related to your blog content or create new content immediately and publish it on your site. Copy two to four paragraphs of the content you created, head directly to the questions, and paste it, including your link as “Read More”. 


Pinterest is an image search engine that drives huge traffic. Pinterest works best with very visual content, and that’s why you must use high-quality visual content on your blog. There are two options in traffic, either by posting visual content and adding your link, or using your link and letting Pinterest extract visual content from your site. 

Pinterest has a very broad range of channels, so it might take you a long time to post high-quality visuals before you start getting traffic from it. Also, make sure that your content is catchy. 


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