Oyo Protest: “Pls Stop” – Dele Farotimi Tackles Obidient, Gives Strong Warning Against Sharing INEC Results

Lawyer and prominent Labor Party chieftain, Dele Farotimi, issued a stern warning against citing alleged fabricated election results from INEC, particularly regarding Oyo State’s presidential poll outcome shared online during protests there.

Responding to an Obidient who quoted these disputed figures, Farotimi emphasized the importance of understanding the situation more deeply rather than blindly accepting potentially false information.

He questioned whether such reliance on questionable data would occur if it were another region like Rivers State involved instead.

In post reads;

“You guys need to urgently recalibrate your thinking. Assuming this was Rivers State, would you be quoting the INEC results as gospel? This result is fake, the people are victims in need of empathy. What do Obidients gain from this? Pls stop”.

Farotimi urged supporters not only to reconsider their approach but also to show compassion towards those affected—the true victims requiring support and solidarity at this critical time.


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