PAINFUL: Dead Girl Whose Head And Private Parts Were Cut Off Won’t Be Buried. See What Her Family Said

In a poignant development reported by Capricorn FM News, the family of Modjadji Thoka, an 18-year-old from Mokomene village in Botlokwa, is steadfastly refusing to bury their daughter without her missing body parts.

Modjadji’s mother has communicated to the government that there will be no funeral until every unaccounted for body part of her daughter is located.

The family’s decision stems from the fear that if they proceed with the burial and the missing body parts are discovered later, the painful task of exhumation for a reburial would become inevitable—a heart-wrenching experience that they are determined to avoid.

According to police reports, Modjadji Thoka’s lifeless body was found three days after her disappearance, with her head, breasts, legs, hands, and private parts severed. The gruesome nature of the crime has left the family in deep anguish, compelling them to take this poignant stand in the pursuit of justice and closure.


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