Peter Obi In His Response, Reveals His Position About Biafra Agitation

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Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti-Baba Ahmed discuss their vision for a new Nigeria with Kadaria Ahmed at a presidential town hall series. Peter Obi reveal this on his social media page on Twitter a few minutes ago and he added that he is grateful for the opportunity to be there.

Some of the questions he answered during the program were about his position on the Biafra people’s agitation and his position about it. Although the question was originally directed to his running mate Datti-Baba Ahmed insists that Peter Obi is the right man to answer the question. Peter Obi’s response was that agitation is everywhere and he also experiences it in his home and the only way to resolve it is to talk to the agitators.

He added that he is running for the 2023 presidential election as a Nigerian and not as anything else and he added that he will have a dialogue with the Biafra agitators to reunite them back to the country because the only thing he wants is to make peace with everybody. Peter Obi made it clear that all this agitation is because the agitators want justice and this will not happen until someone talks to them to understand what’s wrong and what they want.

It’s not a surprise that he was applauded after his reply because some believe that he has given a befitting reply to the question.


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