Two Unpopular Ways Of Marketing Your Business On YouTube

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Don’t be scared or find it difficult to leverage YouTube to promote your business. Don’t, yes I repeat that. Most people thought it was something difficult that maybe needed professionalism before one could start. Nope, it is not like that. The social-video media site, YouTube, is among the best free space to market your business even though its content structure must be visual, unlike others that work of any type.

It is so obvious to see how some people underrate the YouTube space for marketing a business; it has great and profitable potential that people don’t think about at all. If you work with the right strategy, the YouTube algorithm might surprise you with an outstanding result. How can you do that? We’ll talk about how to implement that specific strategy.

Here are the tips to promote your business on YouTube:

Choosing The Right Strategy For Your Business Niche

YouTube has two unpopular ways of marketing a business, and I am sure most don’t know about them. These are strategies you first look into, review, and determine which ones can work efficiently and fast for you in promoting your business. The strategies include;

Direct Video-Content Promotion

This is a process whereby you can directly promote your business from stage one to the final stage of creating your content. For example, if you want to promote your service in the direct-promotion option, then the headline can be “How I repair my… with my .” The headline has already promoted the brand’s services since from the headline, not to mention the visual part. You can also include your business blog link in the description section if available. 

Indirect Promotion

This is a process of indirectly promoting your business. For example, “How our… was repaired”. The headline didn’t expose the company. Then, while creating the visual content indirectly, you shouldn’t mention your business name at first, till after explaining the partial process and convincing the audience, then expose the company at the last stage. You should also include your business blog link in the description box if there is one. –

Use Catchy Titles

The most important thing you must consider on YouTube is your headline/title structure. No matter how great the graphical quality and sound quality of your video content are, they can never generate much view or engagement if the title is not a catchy one. 

The user might be able to understand the video-content topic even before watching the video if the title has been exposed and is not a catchy one that can trigger the nervous system (emotion) of any user to click and watch the video.

If your title is well structured, the video content would have a high chance of getting views because almost every person that sees it on their phone feed of YouTube might attempt to watch it. And once the YouTube algorithm understands that almost every person that comes across the video has attempted to watch it, then it will distribute the particular video widely to a reasonable number of user audiences. 

Content Quality:

Your business video content must be high quality, educative, beneficial to the audience, and convincing too. The YouTube algorithm sometimes reduces the quality of any kind of video, even if it is small, while uploading it on your channel. But if you can create a very high-engaging video, it won’t reflect and will help you create awareness and promote your business well. Most audiences always consider the visual appearance of content, and that makes them feel “they are in the right place.” –

After you have created good, structured content for your business, the next thing is to upload it to your channel. There is a certain thing you should always remember and consider whenever you are about to upload a video, and that thing is ‘KEYWORD’. Include the right keyword in the descriptive section and the video setting in your dashboard. There are tools for keyword research that include Google Keyword Planner.

While on the topic of trending, there are times that something does trend. Take that advantage and create logical content that is related to your business and the particular trending topic. 

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